Science and Soccer Congresses and Science and Football Congresses History

Science and Football Congresses

2019: Melbourne (Australia)

2015: Copenhagen (Denmark)

2011: Nagoya (Japan)

2007: Antalya (Turkey)

2003: Lisbon (Portugal)

1995: Cardiff (Wales) 

1999: Sydney (Australia)

1991: Eindhoven (the Netherlands)

1987: Liverpool (England)

Science and Soccer Congresses


The Science and Soccer Congresses are also held every four years (after beginning in 2008) and alternate with Science and Football. This conference shares the same aims and discipline areas as the World Congress, but are dedicated (primarily) to soccer, rather than all football codes.

2017 Rennes (France)

2014 Portland (USA)

2012 Ghent (Belgium)

2010 Port Elizabeth (South Africa)

2008 Liverpool (England)