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MYOCENE is a Belgium based company which develops and commercializes a unique device for objective muscle fatigue measurement.

Muscle fatigue, defined as a reduction of all physical capacities (strength, speed, power), decreases sports performance as long as the fatigue persists. Thanks to the combination of a very specific neurostimulation, the MYO-CONTRACTOR, a high precision force sensor, the MYO-SENSOR, and a dedicated algorithm, the MYO-AI, the MYOCENE device provides in only 2 minutes a precise measurement of the Powerdex® of the quadriceps, i.e. the level of fatigue and performance of the muscle.

Thanks to the MYOCENE device, coaches, trainers or physical trainers of high-level athletes are now able to optimize and individualize the training load of their athletes. A real revolution to monitor and control recovery kinetics, avoid overtraining, reduce injuries and bring athletes to the pinnacle of performance.

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