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MYOCENE is a Belgium based company which develops and commercializes a unique device for objective muscle fatigue measurement.

Muscle fatigue, defined as a reduction of all physical capacities (strength, speed, power), decreases sports performance as long as the fatigue persists. Thanks to the combination of a very specific neurostimulation, the MYO-CONTRACTOR, a high precision force sensor, the MYO-SENSOR, and a dedicated algorithm, the MYO-AI, the MYOCENE device provides in only 2 minutes a precise measurement of the Powerdex® of the quadriceps, i.e. the level of fatigue and performance of the muscle.

Thanks to the MYOCENE device, coaches, trainers or physical trainers of high-level athletes are now able to optimize and individualize the training load of their athletes. A real revolution to monitor and control recovery kinetics, avoid overtraining, reduce injuries and bring athletes to the pinnacle of performance.

We are a company specialized in the development of evaluation, rehabilitation and performance enhancement products for athletic training. We aim at new knowledge, technology and devices joining the emerging sports science & sports medicine concepts with our field experience.​
With a clear vision, Neuroexcellence developed one of the broadest product ranges in the market, with flywheel, conical, force sensors and dynamometers.
All of those are monitored by NexSo, the world’s most advanced software for the segment. It connects wirelessly with a ios or android app, sampling up to 200hz.
It’s a one size fits all, with one app you’re able to control all of Neuroexcellence product line.

Playermaker empowers players, coaches and support staff across all levels by providing unique insights into a players game.

The wearable footwear-mounted device captures data from the source of motion enabling stakeholders to gain insights into the technical, tactical, physical and gait components of their performance.

The technology transforms any shoe into a connected solution and has already been tested and proven by more than 250 elite athletic organizations globally.

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Inmotio was established in Amsterdam, Netherlands by TNO and Abatec Electronic in 2006. To date, Inmotio has provided a comprehensive coaching application through both physical and tactical insights for over 10 years. Inmotio has great expertise in a wide range of data-driven performance analysis methods including the delivery of Local Positioning Measurement (LPM) and GPS solutions. At the end of 2020 Inmotio merged with another sports performance analysis company, BallJames. BallJames added an optical football tracking solution, providing real-time and scalable information. Moving forwards, Inmotio will continue its development as one of the industry leaders when it comes to tracking solutions in sports performance analysis and offering a wide-range of sports tracking solutions through wearables, hybrid tracking and full optical tracking. 

At the WCSS2021 Inmotio wants to focus on the unique and very comprehensive performance analysis software. The software enables your research or performance team to capture, process, store, export, analyse and report match and training data in an efficient manner. The software allows you to combine video footage, match-sheet data, event data and tracking data from various systems. You can use Inmotio´s default parameters or adjust it to your own preferences, define standard or tailored reports for coaching purposes. By including both physical and tactical analysis and reporting, Inmotio provides your team with the toolkit to develop the performance of both athletes and coaches.

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